The e-commerce giant Amazon has found a new way to offer its consumers a convenient delivery of the package. The e-commerce giant Amazon will now deliver your orders to your car. Previously this e-commerce giant was delivering the orders inside the locked house, office space, and front porches. According to the senior market analysts, Amazon is going to be the next Google for products in near future and this e-commerce website is proving them right with its bold moves. The modern population prefer buying goods online and this has become the mainstream consumer behaviour.

Previously Amazon was delivering goods to the porch of its consumers, but that was not safe. According to various law enforcement departments, thousands of people have filed a case to their local police station for the theft of the packages. To encounter this problem Amazon introduced package delivery inside the locked house. For security purpose, the owner of that house must have internet enabled front door lock and surveillance camera.

Details of the Car Delivery:

Now Amazon has decided to take the convenience of their consumers to the next level. Amazon will now deliver the packages inside the closed car trunks. Amazon is willing to eliminate all the obstacles, which might affect its sales. Though, this project is at its experimental stage now. This service will be available for GM cars and Volvo cars. The cars need a special soft ware and satellite navigation system. The delivery person will be able to open the car with the help of software.

Problems with This New Service:

Multiple problems can arise from this service. Theft of the car and stealing of valuable items from the car may happen. To encounter these problems, Amazon has permitted to open the car only once. Amazon has also assured its consumers that, if anything wrong happens at the time of delivery they will fix it.

Future of This Step:

Recently this service is at its pilot stage only, but soon Amazon will make this facility available for all its consumers. Before that, Amazon will run a pilot project with other car manufacturers like Audi, BMW in Germany and after that the e-commerce giant will make this facility available for all its consumers.

Amazon is constantly warning its consumers about the possible threats. Amazon is also telling its consumer not to leave any valuable items in their car. According to an official of Amazon, this new service will help the working people, who can’t receive the package during the office hours. This new delivery service will reduce the package theft incidents effectively and it will also revolutionize the ongoing product delivery services.